Q.R.A. Is Quantum Reflex Analysis - Presented By The Technology Health Route

Quantum Reflex Analysis, when used with Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision, proves to be the most comprehensive clinical tool that mankind has yet developed.

Such a fantastic statement, and yet, the proof comes in mere seconds. A thousand medical doctors with billions in equipment, combined all together could not compare, because Q.R.A. is non-invasive and instant.     Proof is immediate, and as scientific as anything on earth. That elevates it to Cohenology, the science of combined sciences, refined to exquisite accuracy.

Of all the effective tools and resources discussed within Q.R.A. is at the top of the list for correcting approximately all human disorders outside of death itself. Only two basics cause 99% of all human health challenges: physical insult, which includes foods and non-foods that are ingested as well as chemical or mechanical insults, and then there is electrical interference. When you injure the body in any way, the electrical field in that area is disturbed by congregating toxins. ALL healing, all scars, leave toxins behind. What medical doctor has ever shared THAT fact with you?

The most proven method used for more than five thousand years in a row - is the use of mudpacks. As always, you need not believe any one source: do your research on mudpacks; their history, their usage, and their success.

Now that you can use Q.R.A. to test which substances will best augment the work of the mudpack, targeted nutrition becomes infinitely more valuable than all the medical doctors of the world - even combined together. This is the first health-related technology to prove beneficial approximately one thousand of every one thousand tries.

Combining the world's oldest technologies with the newest, approximately 98% of all humans who encounter Q.R.A. are simply and undeniably astounded, because it works approximately 100% of the time.

Often mistaken for kinesiology or muscle testing (both of which can be more accurate than typically-invasive allopathic testing machines that slam us with side effects), Q.R.A. is out-performing everything you have ever seen or known about health and self-help.

Biofield is the word you want to get comfortable with here. Your biofield, the electrical plasma that covers every millimeter of your body, determines even more than nutrition whether your glands, organs and tissue all and each work.

All human glands and organs and tissue harmonize by frequencies unique from one another yet delightfully synchronized. Each has an identifiable frequency, making it easy to distinguish from other glands and organs and tissue.

Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioners make use of techniques and technologies that systematically "peel the onion" as the client works through the "Steps to Great Health," focusing not only on the physical body but also on the innate healing abilities of the body. These steps are fundamental, providing a foundation from which to build, as quickly as the body allows, recovery from even chronic illnesses, most injuries and traumas, and with methods you get to use for the rest of your life.

Make no mistake: The Technology Health Route only embraces methods that are indisputably powerful in the quest to extend Longevity not merely in quantity, as well in the more-vital quality. What is the value of living extra decades if they are strapped to pills and gurneys, machines and endless apointments? The methods and instant proof provided by all trained quantum reflex analysis practitioners are toos that are vital if you want to reach a higher level of health. Is that worth repeating to make it impossible to mistake the intent and meaning of the Technology Health Route regarding QRA?

The methods and instant proof provided by all trained quantum reflex analysis practitioners
are tools that are vital if you want to reach a higher level of health. QRA permanently alters your knowledge of health.

No one can heal you or cure you; they can only help you to heal yourself. When you possess instant proof of a one-second test, you get to use it forever.

What Is Q.R.A.?

Q.R.A. (Quantum Reflex Analysis), is a simple, safe, yet profound way of allowing the body to tell us what it needs to heal. It is the union of science-based kinesiological testing, time-proven ancient therapies, systematic analysis of the body's quantum biofield, and outstanding nutrition and detoxification breakthroughs of the 21st century. Q.R.A. provides a comprehensive system to initiate the most rapid resolution of even the most deep-seated, chronic conditions - simply not possible by any other methodology.

Q.R.A. is one of the main components of our practice because of its ability to access and analyze the body's Biofield. Developed by Dr. Bob Marshall, this form of assessment tests the energy levels within key organs, tissues and glands as well as the "communication" between the brain and the various body parts. It also can uncover a suppressed immune system, dental and nerve issues, and so much more. This method of kinesiology testing utilizes the body's meridians to quickly identify key imbalances and then pinpoints specific supplements needed to restore balance.

When you are in full health, all of the electrical frequencies of your tissues, organs and glands, though distinct and unique, blend beautifully when combined. When an area of your body gets weakened through disease (or a number of other ways), the energetic frequency of that area changes, and the strength and integrity of these areas can be measured.

Q.R.A. is based on empirical observations in quantum energy and the emerging field of quantum physics. Dr. Bob Marshall has had great success with seemingly serious conditions and he teaches this technique across the country to health practitioners. Dr. Cohen has completed the advanced criteria required to be one of the practitioners referred by Dr. Marshall's office. In addition to this training,

Q.R.A. is not a treatment. It is a portable, absolute tool. It proves right basically every time, and in just a few seconds or minutes. That's it. there are three catches to Q.R.A.

1) You cannot test yourself, because you cannot pull your own B.D.O.R.T., the mega-billion-dollar value that Dr. Omura so munificently gave freely to the world, including you

2) the person doing the testing must have electrical coherence themselves. Thankfully, a simple vial of the rare earth minerals held for half a minute temporarily strengthens anyone, strengthening every organ, gland, and tissue for a good 20 minutes.

3) You can learn it as you experience it, your first time. That's bad because you get to use it for life, at no charge. What M.D. is going to want to teach you such useful and powerful freebies? Money is why only a few thousand M.D.'s speak well of Q.R.A.

These three catches are just that: Issues that interfere with their promulgation.

Your job is to learn more, so you can live more, by making better decisions. You cannot learn less about a subject, and Q.R.A. is something you get to use for the rest of your life. You get to share Q.R.A. with any individual or group of people that you like.

Q.R.A. is simple, it is learned rapidly, and it is infinitely more accurate than all the dozens of physicians who have attended my own dozen life-threatening transports to emergency rooms.

No less than ninety-eight or ninety-nine percent of all humans who experience Q.R.A. with anyone who is well-trained are not one percent less than astonished. It's one of the ten great eye-openers of a lifetime. Q.R.A. successfully reaches higher than any other health technology man has conceived. The oldest and the newest combine to make the best.

Learning more has a habit of leading to living more,
because the more we learn, the better our decisions tend to be.
If you struggle with a health issue, Q.R.A. is an excellent tool for rapid recovery.

How does Quantum Reflex Analysis work?

Anyone well-trained in Q.R.A. uses your own body's feedback mechanism to identify the precise location of toxins clogging up the site of previous or current injury or trauma. These toxins impede the body's own powerful healing systems. The body never forgets an injury or trauma, just as wrinkled aluminum foil does not have a habit of going back to perfect.

Healing any injury or trauma leaves metabolites (waste products) behind. There are no known exceptions. Those leftover waste products are indisputably toxic. With each week, month, and year, their effect, subclinical until the day you notice a problem, continues to grow until it becomes clinical, becomes observable, becomes something you are ready to fix.

It is good and it is helpful that nearly all human health challenges you are likely to complain of are instantly or near-instantly locatable as an interference. You can nail the exact spot, and which organ or gland is being affected, and you see instant proof.

You can identify specific organs and systems within any human or even animal body that are functioning at less than optimal frequencies. Feedback mechanism is efficient.

Once we determine where your body is stressed and energy-compromised, we can offer solutions that can detoxify, nourish and support your body on many levels. First and foremost is using a mudpack. The ancients used them thousands of years ago, and most people, even in severe distress, tend to report large or absolute improvements in as little as five or thirty or a couple of hundred minutes. Mudpacking still works, even after thousands of years, rapidly, safely, even pleasurably sucking out metabolite toxins.

The Quantum Reflex Analysis Method And Range

This method often uncovers underlying components in serious conditions and, once these are addressed, allows the body to return to health. Across the country, Q.R.A. practitioners have amazing testimonies and we are grateful that we can offer this technique to you.

Now more than ever, it is possible to release your body's own internal, powerful ability to accelerate the processes of healing, renewal and regeneration. Practitioners trained in Q.R.A. use this technique to define and eliminate stressors that have depressed your body's healing systems that were created to bring you endurance, vitality and Longevity.

How can Q.R.A. help me?

Q.R.A. stands alone in providing an accurate assessment of your Biofield. It locates areas within your body that may be weak or dysfunctional, determines the relationship between your Biofield, your brain, and your organs and glands, and pinpoints steps to permanently clear disruptive, toxicity-laden places within your Biofield.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

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What Does Quantum Reflex Analysis Offer?

Q.R.A. offers:

1. A comprehensive health-care approach

2. Immediate response assessments

3. Integration of practices including Oriental Medicine, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology, Biochemical Clinical Nutrition, and Homeopathy, and ancient detoxification therapies

4. A technique to locate the body's weaknesses

5. A way to determine nutritional formulas that support your body

6. Understanding of techniques that can systematically clear and rebuild your body's integrity

Note: Q.R.A. does not reveal disease and an appointment doesn't lead to a diagnosis. While the technique can reveal some current conditions and stress affecting body systems, it is most useful for prevention and long-term health.

What can I learn from it?

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but within the body's own Biofield.

Q.R.A. can be used to clearly identify:

" areas of weakness within the body

" how your body responds to supplements

" how your body responds to foods

" what your body is weakened by (allergies, toxins, etc)


"A thimble full of nutrients can do the work that previously, a wheelbarrow full could not."     -- Dr. Robert Marshall

Note: With Q.R.A., we don't need to know a medical term to determine which areas of the body are weak. We can identify these areas through medically accepted points on the body and use these same points to determine which nutrients would restore balance. The word "analysis" accurately describes a Q.R.A. session.

Why would an organ or gland test weak?

A body's organ or gland could test weak for a variety of reasons:

Interference fields caused by previous physical trauma (including scars, previous accidents, falls, puncture wounds)

If your vagus nerve function is impaired

If you have a dental infections that may be affecting a specific organ or gland

If you have stress in your body coming from parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, etc. These can create a toxic burden that your body cannot carry.

When you stop and consider that our bodies must constantly cope with stress and toxins of all types, you understand why superior nutrition becomes the obvious choice in promoting optimal health.

How Does Quantum Reflex Analysis Differ From Other Muscle Testing?

How does it differ from other muscle testing??

Q.R.A. is based on the Omura Bi-digital O-Ring Muscle Reflex Test, a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. This form of muscle testing is simple yet proven in dozens of research studies to be reliable and accurate.

How Long Has Quantum Reflex Analysis Been Used?

Q.R.A. is the result of more than 30 years of intense research and development by Dr. Bob Marshall. The founder of Premier Research Labs, Dr. Marshall is a certified and internationally trained clinical nutritionist and he has a PhD in biochemistry. He is past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the host of HealthLine, a radio infomercial program running since 1986. Dr. Marshall is also the author of research papers and articles.

Marshall also spends time writing, and teaching seminars to professionals and also to real people (bit of teasing there).

Along with Dr. Marshall, a growing number of pioneering scientists, some of them Nobel Laureates, have been diligently mapping the body's Biofield patterns associated with healing and regeneration. From the early 1990's, this work has progressed to a point where effective solutions are now even more commonly and conveniently available.

Q.R.A. - How do you use Quantum Reflex Analysis in your practice?

First, Dr. Cohen does a bodyscan analysis, where the Bodyscan asks your body how it responds to approximately 16,000 substances, including toxins, foods, and more. So far, the Bodyscan has proven to be correct several thousands of times in a row. To date, no exceptions. The Bodyscan tells the practitioner which organs and glands are responding the most, and the least.

Q.R.A. is a major component of Dr. Cohen's practice. Using the results of the high-speed, thoroughly safe and non-invasive Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision, we uncover the underlying reason for an issue and then use it determine which body-balancing recommendations to make with respect to mudpacks. At Refuah Vechaim, we couple Q.R.A. with superior nutritional formulas and advanced detoxification techniques.

Get to the Real Root of the Problem With Quantum Reflex Analysis

Q.R.A. stands head and shoulders above other therapies in its ability to identify and eliminate the "root of the root" cause of illness - whether acute or chronic.

Interference Fields (IF's or IFs) - Since you have IF's, invest time to learn about them ... and how to fix them.

Interference Fields are a direct result of trauma or even mild injuries. At every place in the body where trauma or injury of any kind has happened, you will find that the location where healing is effected has metabolites left over from the healing process. There are no exceptions in life: Every process has an IN, and OUT, and a PROCESS. The leukocytes (white blood cells) that show up at the site of injury in order to be told what to tell the brain regarding what's needed to achieve healing, function and expire at the same site, the site of the injury.

These leftovers, officially called 'metabolites,' identifiably and indisputably interfere with the proper flow of electrical energy through the site. It's remarkably easy to prove, it only takes a few working fingers and about one single second.

Similar to aluminum foil in that, once wrinkled, there is no returning to state of unspoiled newness just because you roll out the major wrinkles. The body's biofield is immensely sophisticated, more sophisticated than a hundred million computers combined! For all of its ability to survive even critical trauma, there is a delicacy that empowers the comparison to aluminim foil: One wrinkled or damaged, it will never again be pristine.

QRA practitioners almost automatically notice, over the course of hundreds and then thousands of QRA tests, that the same weakness proves to exist at every injury site, even from the force of a deployed air-bag, no matter how long ago it happened. The further back in history the traumatic event or physical injury, the weaker that point will test.

When your energy field, or so-called 'biofield' is materially affected, instant conclusions are correctly noted regarding function. There can hardly be enough exceptions to justify more than passing mention to the simple fact:
You cannot affect structure without affecting function.   Structure and function are irrevocably related.
More, they are bound tightly together. Use of QRA testing is the path to proof. QRA is a one-second energy test that routinely shocks people silly, and all in a good way. That's because YOU and someone with a few working fingers get instant proof that's more accurate than a thousand guessing professionals.

We know with certainty that kinesiology (basic muscle-testing) does NOT pass double-blind study. BDORT, (Bidigital O-Ring Test) is medically patented, university-blessed, and impossibly accurate.

The QRA test is a distinct refinement delivered by Bob Marshall, of PRL, in Texas and California. The QRA test itself makes it easy enough for kids to test everything from food and drink to organs and glands, and, very literally, everything in between. There is nothing on earth immune from accurate testing, although testing the human body requires knowledge of what point on the body relates to each discrete organ, gland, tissue, and in some cases, function! (Spot right in the web of your hand between thumb and index finger is the hydration point. Works like a charm, and it works every time. Takes a minute to learn, and you get to use it for life.

Once you have seen the QRA test, PERSONALLY PARTICIPATED, and seen the staggering "before-and-after" difference in your own finger's strength, and instantly available to a 2nd round of proof when you and the person you're testing with simply switch hands. Alright, it's tough to switch actual hands if they're properly attached to you, so switch position of hands, where you are testing them instead of the other way around. The more you do the one-second energy test, the better you get at it. Food, beverages, clothing, pillows and linens, shoes, vehicles, buildings. No exceptions: They test weak, or strong. Point to a building after someone checks the baseline strength of your thumb and finger. In a nutshell, "HOW EASY OR HARD IS IT TO PART YOUR THUMB & FINGER" of one hand, as the other hand's index finger simply points to something? If you have more than half a brain, you either understand that sentence and claim already, or you really want to go back and read it a second and third time, right now. Use this test to make near-magic in your life, the kind that makes you clench your fist and declare, "Yay!" Eight or eighty, you can learn this test in under a minute. Kids only need 10 to 30 seconds to learn it. Same for elderly people. Adults in between, however, thanks to being stunted or otherwise stultified by life, tend to be dummies, and may need a full minute to correctly learn the one-second energy test, and certainly ought to, since every human has bangs and bruises, every one of us has been exposed to electricity and the pollution that every second delivers, so we all have interference fields.

When metabolites collect at injury site where healing efforts took place, those metabolites solidify into usually-small masses of material. Because they are used, spent, these leftovers of the healing process are toxic, AND they definitively block clear flow of energy through that point. Something is being deprived of that energy, which cannot die, and is thus reflexed, or redirected to the weakest organ or gland in the body, relentlessly destroying it in relatively slow, certain motion.

Because this relentlessly disrupts the energetic field of the body, even in silence, getting worse at the subclinical level with every passing day right up to the day when it becomes clinical (observable and/or measurable), the skilled Q.R.A. practitioner teaches you how to eliminate them as quickly as possible, using simple, relatively inexpensive resources. These include mudpacks, or using matching frequencies, to dissolve them sufficiently for the body to excrete the toxic leftovers that sit at injury sites for so many years, even decades, progressively worsening the energy flow at the site.

On the plus side, the Psychology of Longevity notes the near-magic effect of breaking up those metabolite collections. Issues that have kept people in distress and disorder for many years report results in as little as an hour... after one or twenty years of no relief from medical approaches. This helps to explain how Bob Marshall, QRA test innovator, convinced over a thousand people around the country to pay him significant amounts for extensive QRA training. QRA works.

Do Not Ignore Interference Fields - They Work Cumulatively!
If these IFs are overlooked, clinical results can be severely limited, and that's putting it very politely. To erase these IFs, timeless therapeutic techniques are used to restore normal nerve and energy flow. It is as simple as using mudpacks to pull out the toxins that accumulate at the site of every interference field. This also helps to restore quantum coherence to the body's biofield, enhancing recovery and literally multiplying the bioavaibility and/or end result, end effect, of every nutritive substance you swallow. Dr. Marshall meant it very literally in stating that a thimbleful of nutrition has more profound benefit than a wheelbarrow filled with nutrients can provide without remediating the interference field.

Quantum Reflex Analysis and Emotional Repolarization

Using the technology of the Emotional Re-polarization Technique (ERT), the Q.R.A. practitioner can identify and reset negative thought patterns that are impeding the client's healing and recovery. This easy-to-use technique can be key in reaching recovery.

EMF Stress

Another critical healing component offered with advanced trained Q.R.A. practitioners is remediating Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs. The effects of EMF pollution may be more destructive than even the chemical pollution of our air, water and food. This form of stress, often found both inside and outside the home, can be a critically overlooked factor in keeping the chronically ill patient from recovery. Examples of EMF stress that can block healing include: Electrical currents, cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi, computer and laptop use, and more.

Energetics of the Home and Office In Relation To Quantum Reflex Analysis

The advanced Q.R.A. practitioner has been trained in using advanced technologies to build quantum-state energetics. It's a game-changer. Just have someone test the baseline strength of your thumb and finger. Now, point your index finger at your house, or your neighbor's house: Results will always be the same.

A) If the family fights or is otherwise miserable, simply not prospering, there is just no way you can fail to see the MAJOR difference in how strong or weak you test. Yes, just pointing your finger to their home or business allows your body to report through your other hand's thumb and finger whether there is good energy flowing in the ground beneath the building, or bad energy. As stated, you get the same results every time.

Conversely, if you test a neighbor's house, and your hand stays strong, then that family, regardless of their financial state, are prospering, and most likely happy, friendly people. It's amazing, because it works every time.

B) If a building tests weak, whatever business is there now will likely be gone within a year or two, or will stay and lose money. If a building tests strong, that tenant will likely still be there years from now.

Our crew has tested hundreds and hundreds of buildings. When we wave the world's first supercharged laser at any of them, the difference is instant, and provable in uniform fashion even with a dozen people present and testing each other (for a total of 48 before-and-after tests, each individual and reliant upon nothing but how easy or hard it is to gently, firmly pry someone's thumb and finger apart.

What?!! - Lasering your engine, battery, and headlights, then driving down a street with lights on guarantees that anything touched by light coming from your headlights instantly tests strong.

These are just a sampling of the thousands and thousands of things we can individually supercharged, reverseing low-polarity electrical pollution into high-polarity beneficial frequencies. The damage done to the human body by electricity is certainly more draining of total quantity of life if not also quality of energy and general well-being... than all other forms of pollution...

There are stones you can use, for example, hematite stones, that you simply bury a few inches down on four sides of your building in the dirt that's closest to the building (some buildings have no dirt, so people use what's closest). These stones make a definite difference.

Aside from the beneficial physical effects of improving energy that you live and work and study in, there are non-corporeal benefits. In sum, there is no longer any doubt among advanced thinkers that energy in our environment has no small impact on our thinking and performance. It is with utter certitude that the Psychology of Longevity assures you that better energy has an observable tendency to quickly attract prosperity. Further promoting reasons to remediate life-sucking energy in your environment is the rapidity of effect, usually no more than a matter of days, if even that long.

Better energy does not guarantee wealth or outrageously high prosperity, it simply attracts them. Those who are striving and struggling for years, doing the 'right things' and getting inadequate results for the level of effort they put into each exhausting week and day... but have energetically weak environments... invariably see rapid turnarounds when correcting the energy.

In this way, with the supercharged laser (Megabeams) or Torroids, a healthier environment can be created inside and outside any home or office - even those that are badly depolarized. These techniques have been used through the centuries to improve the energetics of your living space -- key foundations in creating continued prosperity, success, and premier health. Qvials work on the body in a fraction of a second. Touching it to the highest point on your head (GV20) makes all 365 of the body's meridians instantly test strong, no matter how weak they test before using the QVial... ... all in a fraction of a second.

There is more than enough evidence for the Technology Health Route to specifically state that the Quantum Reflex Analysis system is more fully proven than any medical device or approach in existence today. Again, no need to believe the Technology Health Route or accept the assurances of the Technology Health Route : EVERY WORD IS RAPIDLY PROVABLE. Q.R.A. is safe, time-tested, and comprehensively proven, helping even the most resistant cases where other techniques, treatments, and practitioners have failed to provide adequate help or relief. Q.R.A. is hovering right up near the one-hundred-percent mark, and that in itself makes it a staggering rarity.

Quantum Reflex Analysis has been an asset to Dr. Cohen, one of the country's most highly-trained and experienced naturopathic doctors. Through this technique, you are able to see and feel your responses, and as a result, you know areas within your body that are weaker or stronger. You are also able to see how your body responds to superior nutrition and other life-strengthening supplements and determine if these might help you with situation.

What do other practitioners and patients say about Q.R.A.?

Across the United States, thousands of people are finding relief from their symptoms with the Q.R.A. process and Dr. Marshall's premier products. Here are some quotes by other Q.R.A. practitioners:

"Q.R.A. delivers a whole new health paradigm which dramatically raised my own level of health as well as made it possible for me to successfully treat cases I could never help before." -- Beth Shirley, Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"These techniques have profoundly amplified the scope of clinical response, accelerating results, deepening effects, and have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explained by quantum physics." -- Stuart White, Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"I am writing to tell you how happy I am using Premier products. I get results with my patients two to three times faster than before." -- Janice M. Piro, Chiropractor

"Dr. Marshall has put together the most comprehensive and helpful paradigm for clearing chronic and acute illness." -- Laura Marshall, CA

"Dr. Cohen has saved virtually everyone in my family from fates worse than death: unnecessary suffering from things that responded naturally." - Fagie Mendolsohn, NY

QRA is the game-changer we have waited for.
Now, learn this test, and use it on your food, etc.
Once learned, it is a powerful tool for your lifetime.
With practice, use it to test your whole body, as well.
Plus, test all vastu so that you can also remediate that.
Kids can quickly learn QRA, which means YOU can, too.
QRA practitioners teach you QRA basics in about a minute.
Even if you opt not to learn, QRA practitioners can still help.
From recent health issues to long-running or chronic problems,
not least of which are those that have not responded to allopathy,
get an entirely new outlook when your information is accurate, as with QRA.
There's no guessing, with QRA you get instant evidence right in front of your eyes.
The Psychology of Longevity asseverates that QRA is as close to perfect as any other test.
One medical doctor with QRA serves more than 1,000 who are using invasive approaches.
Prescription drugs are not designed to heal, they are designed only to suppress symptoms.
Your habit of forming opinions before you do/know much is your big stumbling block.
Learn more, even two or three new facts per day, and your mastery develops.
If you cannot get to a QRA practitioner, which would be a decided shame,
read and re-read these QRA mini-lessons throughout the QRA websites.
Get someone to practice with, and, nearly immediately, that's it,
you will be able to test food, buildings, people, and more,
plus, you can use QRA testing for the rest of your life.
Clearly, the Psychology of Longevity loves you.

Bidigital O-Ring via Psychology of Longevity
Psychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex AnalysisPsychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis ThreePsychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis FourPsychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis Five

QRA is VERY easy to learn, even if you have no QRA practitioner close by to show you.

Make a circle with your thumb and one of your other fingers,
and firmly resist as someone gently pulls your "o-ring" apart,
not as a contest of strength between a pair of adversaries,
just to see where your "zero point" is in the o-ring,
(QRA practitioners refer to it as your "baseline" strength)
how much it takes to just barely open your O-ring. That's it.
Now, you can henceforth observe strength and weakness levels..

Now, holding the food you want to test in a pinching grip with two fingertips and thumb of your other hand,
gently tap what you are testing several times against the table or wall, imitating stress that digestion causes.

Test anything you are considering swallowing, from energy drink to sprout of broccoli, ad infinitum.
(Without banging it just tap the food against the table, holding it in a pinch, with 2 fingers & 1 thumb).

Pinch the energy drink or apple or whatever, stress it by banging it gently, 4 or 5x, against the table or wall.
Hold it away from your body at arm's length, and the other person re-tests your 0-ring. THAT'S IT (for food).
If your fingers are easily pulled apart, there is low energy in the food or drink, it will give you very little.
If it is difficult for the tester to pull your fingers open, there is good energy in the item being tested.

Remember now, that this QRA test is testing the energy of the item, NOT how the item will affect you.

Now you know how to use B-DORT, or QRA, or the O-ring test, or whatever it is best known as, relating to food.
QRA as per Marshall and Forbes can give you MANY more levels of information. For now, let us stick with food tests.
The Psychology of Longevity asserts that use of this test will be among the five or ten most influential decisions of your life.
The Psychology of Longevity asseverates that how well and even how long we live, is directly influenced by this one-second test.

If the energy drink is healthy, non-toxic, the energy drink will test strong.
If the drink is energetically weak, the energy drink will test weaker.

Now, to find out if that energy drink will weaken or strengthen you personally,
test your O-ring first, hold the bottle against your chest or throat, and test again.

If the greens drink tests strong, that greens drink is going to strengthen you.
If the energy drink tests weak, it will not deliver energy to you. Test and see.

The "catch" is that the tester can make errors if their GV20 point is weak.
Fix it with 30 seconds of QCI, or .02 seconds using the supercharged QVIAL.
(If that seems at all confusing, QVial requires no more than a fiftieth of a second).
Any living matter, organ, gland, tissue, ALWAYS tests stronger after 1/50th of a second.
Non-living or formerly alive matter can take as many as 3 to 5 seconds of QVial to test stronger.

The QRA test is magnificent, and works on food, people, shoes, cars, EVERYTHING.
Telephones, cars, buildings, shoes, pillows, eyeglasses, trains, ships, clothing, et alia.
Every single item you ever
Do not underestimate the power of vastu. If you do not know about vastu, learn!!!
It is the oldest science known to and practiced by Mankind. Make use of its secrets.

Everyone who gets to witness even one demonstrative minute with a skilled QRA practitioner gets the shock of a lifetime.
EVERYTHING comes down to energy, and how naturopathic approaches, including bio-energetics, and QRA testing, help.

Medical doctors are wonderful (and best) for acute care, involving medical emergencies. This is what they train for.
With respect to sickness and nutrition, the Psychology of Longevity cannot conceive of consulting a medical doctor!
Medical doctors do not receive even a single day of training in healing, or in nutrition, or use of food as medicine.
Not one day. Not one day, not one day, and anyone trying to tell you otherwise has a new curriculum, or is lying.
The standard of proof of the Psychology of Longevity is that it must be replicable, anyone should be able to do it.
QRA testing fits this category with an exquisite accuracy that virtually makes your hair stand right up on its ends.
Have someone test your O-ring for a baseline, then point your first two fingers at any building anywhere on earth.
Test the O-ring again. Notice that, if it is a building owned or occupied by someone who is prosperous, strong, right?
It even works on the internet! Go ahead, point to any home owned by any of the dozen richest people on earth. Strong.
Now, still at google earth, or its modern equivalent, look at a photo of any slum on earth, no way your fingers stay together.
QRA testing is the most powerful, most revealing, and, provably, most accurate test of energy that humanity has found, as yet.
You want to get smarter? You wish to make your life a better place, inhabited by more of your better and best life decisions?
The Psychology of Longevity suggests, with no small vigor of discourse, that QRA testing is among your best tickets to that.
Press your first two fingertips against your car, having someone test your O-ring before and after you touch it firmly.
Now, briefly wave the Psychology of Longevity supercharged laser (world's first supercharged cold laser), and test.
Every time, the car will test stronger. It works with the walls in your home, against electrical radiation all over,
it works with train stations and refrigerators, gas and electric stoves and everything else it has been tested on.
So far, no exceptions whatsoever: Anything "painted" by the supercharged laser or touched by QVial tests stronger.
The more you know, the better and smarter your decisions tend to be, so, the Psychology of Longevity shares wisdom,
the wisdom being practiced by those who repeatedly outperform the rest of us, who prove it by doing it best, repeatedly.
Even if you never possess a QVial or a supercharged laser from the Psychology of Longevity, you can still do QRA testing.
If you test your O-ring before and after holding your glasses against your chest, and QRA shows you weaker WITH glasses,
why would you continue wearing something that is obviously, provably weakening you, when you can easily remediate it?
Just briefly "paint" the eyeglasses with the laser, and that's it. It works with your shoes, and, quite literally, everything else.

Identify your strongest and weakest organs, glands, tissues, and many bodily functions, also, with clear accuracy.

Transparent, repeatable proof - BDORT, also known as QRA, ONE-SECOND BIDIGITAL TEST,
instantly proves to be more accurate than anything else the Psychology of Longevity has ever encountered.

You touch one point, and test it, not kinesiologically, just as a function of your body's built-in energetic "electric system."
Adding to the swarm of thoughts swirling through the brightest of minds is comprehension of how easy it to learn to do QRA.
This is a non-invasive one-second test that permanently changes the lives of every alert person who learns how to do QRA.

You can test houses and food and clothing and beds and cars, and, apparently, everything you propose to put in or near you.
You can choose to energetically remediate what is weak, or simply elect to avoid ingesting or getting yourself too near to it.

Astronauts, drivers, schoolteachers, dentists, professors, surgeons, it matters not who you are or what you think you know.

One visit with one skilled, trained QRA practitioner, and your medical-health-related intelligence immediately expands.
What we do not comprehend, we tend to reject out of hand. This is among the largest mistakes we humans often make.

Q.R.A. delivers an entirely new paradigm of self-health and self-help in the pursuit of active longevity.

QRA-Practitioner.info - If your doctor has given up on you, or the reverse, call for a QRA practitioner 1-888-6004-888 - remember 6004 - QRA Appointments - Brooklyn, NY, NJ, CT
QRAPractitioners.com - No comparison: QRA is the most accurate test of all organs and glands. QRA appointments with QRA practitioners - non-invasive, pain-free, more accurate
QRA-Practitioners.com - No comparison: QRA is the most accurate test of all organs and glands. QRA appointments with QRA practitioners - non-invasive, pain-free, more accurate
QRA-Practitioners.info - You can call 1-888-6004-888 from anywhere across the country to speak with one of the nation's greatest, most advanced QRA practitioners, trained in Texas
QRAPractitioners.info - Paying homage to all QRA practitioners who remain focused on kai-sen - unceasing improvement, David Cohen proved the best of all QRA practitioners
QRATesting.net - Of all the tests you ever take in your life, it is likely that QRA Testing is more important than any other, because QRA is the single most accurate of tests
QRA-TEXAS.info - As noted with relation to QRA-Austin.info, and the birth of QRA, as well, QRA-Texas.info is an homage to the Texas wizards who gave us QRA
TEXAS-QRA.info - The Psychology of Longevity cites Texas for hosting & fostering Marshall & Forbes, QRA innovators - spreading from Texas to New England
QRA-Practitioners.thinning.us - Psychology of Longevity prefers the safety & natural approach of QRA practitioners, perhaps USA's most skilled practitioners

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is, arguably, the greatest quantum reflex analysis practitioner in the world.
His skill far outstrips even that of its innovator, Dr. Bob Marshall, because Dr. Cohen has technologized q.r.a.
If you wish to learn more about q.r.a., and how quantum reflex analysis works perfectly for you, too, call.
Make an appointment for a Bodyscan, Dr. Cohen is happy to teach YOU quantum reflex analysis.
One of the three or four greatest features of quantum reflex analysis is that you learn it for life.
That's right: learn once, and use it thousands and thousands of times to help you and yours.
Learn the power of Q.R.A. so that "Quantum Reflex Analysis" is more than just a phrase.

This is the medicine of the 21st century: Quantum Reflex Analysis - the most accurate of all!

aiming to be YOUR Q.R.A. - Quantum Reflex Analysis Capital,
because learning how to do your own Q.R.A. testing is simple enough, for life.

QRA Means Psychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis QRA Sites
The Psychology of Longevity has so many QRA sites because every human on earth can learn QRA
It is estimated that people like you, practicing QRA at home, can save a hundred million MD appointments

Q-R-A.com - Acronymically, QRA means Quantum Reflex Analysis: Psychology of Longevity list of Top 12 Innovations of the Century
Q-R-A.info - Information on QRA that can help you to repair your body in the best ways possible, teaching YOURSELF how to use Q-R-A
Qra.me - Commonly heard from those who practice quantum reflex analysis: "QRA me, please," to learn the precise truth about your body
Q-R-A.US - Further exploration of Q-R-A, the magnificent set of tools innovated by Marshall & Forbes, framed around Dr. Omura's BDORT test
QRA.name - Whenever we speak of the game of life, the Psychology of Longevity asserts QRA to be the name of the health and longevity game
QRA-AUSTIN.info - Although available globally thanks to QRA use over the phone or through photos, QRA was "born" in Austin, Texas - Thanks to Austin for QRA
QRA-Experts.info - With hundreds of trained QRA practitioners, some of these practitioners learn Dr. Cohen's way of QRA, and become experts at making use of QRA
QRAPractitioner.info - Invest wisely into yourself by learning QRA, or enjoy a QRA session with an expert, Level III QRA Practitioner in NY, or by phone, photo, or internet

Psychology of Longevity On QRA Practitioners

In most cases, QRA practitioners need as little as a minute to SHOW YOU, rather than just tell you.
In as little as 60 seconds, most QRA practitioners can tell you exactly what your weaker points are.
Every organ, gland, and tissue in your body has a corresponding point on your internal energy grid.
That grid was first mapped nearly six thousand years ago, and has proven true until this minute.
The accuracy of this map used by QRA practitioners is not likely to change anytime soon.
Again, most of the time, one appointment with any of many QRA practitioners suffices.
Even if you need to return a second, or, VERY rarely, a third time, you win every time.
That's because, each time, your QRA practitioners show you proof along the way.
QRA practitioners never have to guess, because your body always tells truth.
QRA practitioners are unlike any other practitioners you might ever meet.
The Psychology of Longevity finds QRA practitioners the most accurate,
the most accurate practitioners in a whole universe of practitioners!

Psychology of Longevity QVials Assure QRA Accuracy

Holding QVial at GV20 for one second strengthens all brain points.
Holding QVial at GV20 for a single second strengthens all body points.
The Psychology of Longevity is certain that QVials will benefit your full life.
With QVials, and even basic Quantum Reflex Analysis skills, you get to win at life!
When you can instantly assay your organs and glands, and temporarily strengthen them,
do you recognize that the Psychology of Longevity is accurate in seeing this as a lifetime benefit?
Further, the Psychology of Longevity counts QVials among the greatest inventions in all of human history.
Stop expressing and even forming opinions on anything until you have broad knowledge of, and experience in it.
As a treasured tool of the Psychology of Longevity for helping us to help ourselves, QVials rise up to the top of the list.

QVIAL.com - The most powerful minerals on earth - QVial is filled with minerals supercharged by multiple processes - Psychology of Longevity favorite
QVIALS.com - Holding one of the QVials at the highest point on your head IMMEDIATELY and temporarily strengthens all brain points, and all body points
QVIALS.info - Information on how QVials affect the brain and individual body points, 365 of which are directly related to organs, glands, and body tissue strength

No phrases in any language can suffice for the Psychology of Longevity to convey too enthusiastically the value to YOU of QRA. Learn, learn, learn.
Five, not thirty, just five minutes per day learning more about QRA, and you can rapidly be living your own version of the Psychology of Longevity.
As it is with approximately every PowerGem of the Psychology of Shortcuts and HealthGem of the Psychology of Longevity, simplicity abounds.
YOUNG CHILDREN can learn how to do QRA testing in just a minute or three, so, YOU should be qra testing your first day, and for all your life.
Awaken the Psychology of Longevity in you, learning how to live stronger for longer, because Life offers no timeouts, ticking relentlessly.
Every human on earth needs to use these QVials, because it is insane to think we do not benefit from making our meridians stronger.
Even the temporary nature of the QVial effect is no reason to hesitate, because the effect is instantaneous, and it is omnipotent.
As surely as the D144 Megaphotons image makes EVERYTHING near it temporarily test stronger, such as food, so, too, QVials.
Embracing and making use of the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity are easier with QVials and d144.
Plus, anyone working to be QRA practitioners must have and use QCI or QVial, to make sure tester is strong at GV20.
You are warmly invited by the Psychology of Longevity and Psychology of Shortcuts to learn more... to live more.

Knowing something extra powerful is of utility to us only when we choose to make use of that info.
A QRA practitioner routinely proves that the practice of QRA testing is a most-productive choice.
That's because QRA practitioners get to find and share proof in as little as a single second.
Of all the tools available to medical practitioners, QRA testing may be the most accurate.
Good luck finding any other method for assessing the energetic strength of organs/glands.
There is no guessing with respect to QRA testing, because the answers come out the same.

If you have no local QRA practitioners near you, you might consider becoming a QRA practitioner.
You have built up so many skills in your life, it should be easy enough for you to develop these, too.
In all likelihood, there's not even a need for you to travel to get a baseline knowledge of QRA testing!

You can almost as easily study online, simply making it your business to practice QRA testing with family, etc.
There's no paradigm known to Psychology of Longevity afficianados more efficient for health than QRA testing.
The medically-patented BDORT is based on the simple test first created several thousands of years ago, in China.

No one has ever disproved what is now called QRA testing, while a thousand or more practitioners still prove it today.
Invest even a minute or two practing the one-second energy test we call 'QRA testing,' and see how powerful it really is.

Thus, whether you attend and consult the offices of a trained QRA practitioner, or choose to become a QRA practitioner yourself,
please don't overlook the most accurate tool you might ever encounter in relation to assessing energy, health, and probabilities.

QRA practitioners - still proving that QRA testing is YOUR great tool for health.
Learn more, that you might live more... and perhaps turn out to give more, a win-win, hm?